The office has gained a national and international reputation. Among the awards received are: the Vitruvio Award for Upcoming Generation (National Museum of Fine Arts), the Garnier Award for Young Practices under 40, Award for Argentina New Generation in the XII International Biennale of Architecture in Buenos Aires, First Prize in the Competition for the Tourism Agency Building in Rawson (Argentina), First Prize Aysa Corporate Building National Competition, First Prize Coneau Building Fadu Competition, First Prize in the International Competition for the Science and Technology Center in Beijing (China), First Prize International Competition Barrio 31 Elevated Park in Buenos Aires in association with AldayJover Spain and the First Prize AHRCC Institutional building National Competition.


First Prize National Competition
AHRCC Institutional building
Year: 2023

Mention National Ideas Competition
Tigre Education Center and University Campus
Year: 2020


Pabellon del Centenario

Mention National Ideas Competition
Centenary Pavilion
Year: 2019


1st Prize National Competittion
AySA Central Office Building
Year: 2018

Viviendas calle Orma

3rd Prize National Competition
Orma St. housing complex
Year: 2016

Pabellón Argentino Venecia

2nd Prize Chancellery Competition
Argentinean Venice Bienal Pavilion
Year: 2016


Distinguished International Argentinean Architecture Bienal
Latinoamerican Photography Museum
Year: 2015


Distinguished International Argentinean Architecture Bienal
3 de Febrero Building
Year: 2014

Edificio CONEAU

1st. Prize FADU Competition
CONEAU Building
Year: 2013

Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología

1st. Prize International Competition
Science and Technology Center
Year: 2012

Archivo Geodesia

Mention National Concept Design Competition
Geodesia Historic Storage building
Year: 2009

Centro Cultural de Córdoba

Mention National Schematic Design Competition
Cordoba Cultural Center
Year: 2009

Hotel Cosega

4th Prize, National Competition
Cosega Hotel
Year: 2008

Subsecretaría de Turismo de Rawson

1st Prize National Competition
Rawson Subsecretary Office Building
Year: 2007


3rd Prize UIA International Competition
Graphisoft Conference Center
Year: 2003

Parque Urbano Central

2nd Mention, UIA International Competition
Urban Central Park
Year: 2002

Centro Judicial San Martín

2nd. Prize, National Competition
San Martin Justice Center

Year: 2002

Palacio de Justicia

1st Prize National Competition
Justice Palace and Public Park
Year: 2002

Edificio AHRCC

2nd. Prize, National Competition
AHRCC Building
Year: 2002

La Martona Polideportivo

Garnier Prize National Museum of Fine Arts
La Martona Arena
Year: 2001


Honorable Mention SCA CPAU Architecture Bienal Prize
Arce 223
Year: 2000